Parliamentary and Public Affairs Committee

The main purpose of the Parliamentary and Public Affairs Committee (PPAC) is to discuss any matter coming before Parliament which is of particular interest to Catholics, to provide informed comment upon such matters and convey these comments to those Catholic members of both Houses of Parliament, who wish to receive them.

A secondary purpose is to respond appropriately to public and professional bodies when they consult the public.

The PPAC keeps the Catholic Bishops informed of their work by liaising with their parliamentary officers in Westminster and Edinburgh.

The organisations and MPs listed below have made presentations to the PPAC and with whom liaison is established.

  • CARITAS Social Care
  • Catholic Legislators Group
  • Catholic Education Service
  • Ian Duncan Smith MP
  • Polish Catholic Action

The membership of the PPAC is drawn from those involved with other Catholic bodies, including:

  • All Party Parliamentary Pro Life Group and Right to Life
  • Apostleship of the Sea
  • Catenian Association
  • Catholic Medical Association
  • Catholic School Governors
  • Friends of the Holy Father
  • Knights and Dames of the Holy Sepulchre
  • Legal Advisor to EWB
  • National Association of Catholic Women
  • Parliamentary Officer for English and Welsh Bishops
  • Catholic Education Service
  • Scottish Bishops Parliamentary Officer
  • Society of St Augustine
  • Sovereign Order of Malta
  • SPUC
  • Teams of Our Lady

In addition the Committee includes a retired JP, a QC and four Papal Knights.

Education Committee

The Education Committee seeks to promote and develop the Common Good amongst all Catholics – particularly those in public life.

Its work is carried out by the Catholic Union Charitable Trust. Visit the Catholic Union Charitable Trust website for more information about seminars, lectures and meetings on issues pertinent to Catholics.

Joint Medical Ethics Committee

The Joint Medical Ethics Committee works with the Catholic Medical Association and takes an interest in medical ethics within the health service, such as the Liverpool Care Pathway, euthanasia and organ donation.

Membership & Communication Committee

The Membership & Communication committee develops strategies for expanding our membership and our communication with members and the public.

Outreach Committee

The Outreach committee is responsible for fund raising initiatives.