Q Is the Catholic Union an organ of the Catholic Church in Great Britain?

A The Catholic Union is a lay body within the Catholic Church with its own Constitution and Membership. It is not part of the Bishops’ Conference of England & Wales, but does enjoy a consultative status to it as well as many informal relationships with individual clergy and others.

Q Is the Catholic Union a political organisation?

A Insofar as the Catholic Union seeks to influence the legislative business in both Houses of Parliament, with the ultimate aim of promoting the Common Good and the lay Catholic voice in our society, then in that sense, it does have a political dimension. However, the Union has a number of experts in the medical field as well as in the legal profession and elsewhere who generously put their services and expertise at the Union’s disposal. Several landmark cases recently in the European Court of Human Rights, such as the right to wear a cross at work, have been assisted with help from CU Members.

Q Is there a charitable aspect to the Catholic Union?

A The Catholic Union Educational Trust, (CUCT) has now been launched. It is a charity, separate from the Catholic Union. Its role will be to organise events and projects specifically concerned with Catholic education in the widest sense. At a time of increasing secularisation and growing hostility and antipathy towards religious belief, the future Catholic development of the younger generation is a major priority. The CUCT has a separate website

Q How can I get involved at a local level?

A There are regional representatives covering Scotland and Wales who will be extremely grateful for offers of additional ideas and support. The London office also has details of members across the country. In the first instance, contact should be made with the CU Office.