Briefing Papers

GDPR Notice

This notice was sent to members electronically on 23 May 2018. GDPR Notice to members   ...Read More »

Alfie Evans

A note from the Catholic Union on the Alfie Evans case. Alfie Evans document ...Read More »

Ealing Council Consultation Response

The Catholic Union has responded to Ealing Council’s Consultation opposing its proposed Public Spaces Protection Order as unnecessary and unlawful. Ealing Council Response to Consultation re Abortion Clinic   ...Read More »

Opt-out Organ Donation

The Catholic Union, in conjunction with the Catholic Medical Association, has responded to the Department of Health’s consultation on introducing “opt-out” consent for organ and tissue donation in England.  To read the response please click on the link below. Consultation on organ transplantation opt-out in England – CMA and CU 05.03.18 ...Read More »

Relationships and Sex Education

The Catholic Union has responded to the Call for Evidence from the Department of Education on Relationships and Sex Education.  To read the response please click on the link below. RSE Call for Evidence ...Read More »

Home Office and Lambeth Council Abortion Clinics Review

The Catholic Union has responded to the Home Office Abortion Clinics Protest Review and to Lambeth Council’s consultation on the making of a Public Spaces Protection Order. You can read the submissions, by clicking on the document titles below. Home Office Abortion Clinics Review Lambeth PSPO Consultation ...Read More »

Submission to the UN Human Rights Committee

The Catholic Union has made a submission to the United Nations Human Rights Committee opposing the inclusion of a right to abortion in the Committee’s draft General Comment on the right to life (Article 6 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights). ICCPR Article 6 submission ...Read More »

Submission to HL Select Committee on Citizenship

The Catholic Union submitted evidence to the new House of Lords Select Committee on Citizenship and Civic Engagement focusing on freedom of religion as a fundamental British value. HL Select Committee Citizenship submission ...Read More »

Energy and the Environment

The comfort, security and progress which we in the rich world enjoy have been underpinned for years by the ready availability of cheap energy. It is only in recent years that we have started to try and react to the negative externalities which are an inherent feature of many forms...Read More »

The UK and the European Convention on Human Rights

Two articles about the relationship between the UK and the European Convention on Human Rights. One by David O’Mahony, Chairman of the Catholic Union (please read here) and the second by Nigel Parker, a member of the Catholic Union Council  (please read here).   ...Read More »

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