Briefing Papers

The UK and the European Convention on Human Rights

Two articles about the relationship between the UK and the European Convention on Human Rights. One by David O’Mahony, Chairman of the Catholic Union (please read here) and the second by Nigel Parker, a member of the Catholic Union Council  (please read here).   ...Read More »

EU Referendum 2016

The referendum on 23rd June is important. In former times, the issue would have been decided by great statesmen persuading Parliament by reasoned arguments in thorough debates. All those who would have to decide would be there to listen, to speak and to have their views tested in rigorous argument....Read More »

Religious Freedom - The Catholic Approach

RELIGIOUS FREEDOM: THE CATHOLIC APPROACH By David O’Mahony Chairman – The Catholic Union of Great Britain Talk given to the Ecclesiastical Law Society on 12 March 2016 INTRODUCTION  I should make plain at the beginning that I am neither a theologian nor a church historian, and I do not represent the catholic church. What follows...Read More »

Syrian Refugees

Introduction 17 January 2016 was celebrated by the Catholic Church as the World Day of Migrants and Refugees.  Many people will think immediately of the current refugee crisis affecting the Middle East and Europe, but the concern of the Church for migrants and refugees is rooted in the Gospel and has...Read More »

Response to Living with Difference

The Catholic Union has prepared a response to the Living with Difference report. Read the response by clicking on the link shown below Response to Living With Difference     ...Read More »

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