Medical Ethics


NICE guidelines on end of life care

THE MEDICAL ETHICS ALLIANCE Response to the NICE draft guidelines on end of life care for adults Introduction: The Medical Ethics Alliance (MEA) is a coalition of six faith and non faith based medical and nursing bodies. Our objective is to initiate discussion on ethics within healthcare professions and participate in public debate. The...Read More »


¬†MPs VOTE FOR ACTION ON SEX-SELECTIVE ABORTION On Tuesday 4th November 2014 MPs voted overwhelmingly in favour of a Bill seeking to clarify the law on sex-selective abortion. The Abortion (Sex-Selection) Ten Minute Rule Bill, was approved by 181 votes to 1. The Bill, promoted by MPs Fiona Bruce, Fiona MacTaggart, Kate...Read More »

The Abortion of Baby Girls, the Public Interest and an Upside Down World Worthy of Alice In Wonderland

  By Lord Alton, Vice-President, September 2013 The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) says it will not prosecute the two doctors who told a mother that they were willing to abort her unborn child because of its gender. The mother (in reality, a journalist) had told the abortionists that she did not want...Read More »