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Scottish Assisted Suicide Bill lost by a substantial margin

The Assisted Suicide (Scotland) Bill has been defeated in a free vote by 82 votes to 36 in the Scottish Parliament. The Bill proposed a system loosely based on that which operates in Oregon (USA) with trained licensed facilitators but with scope for mentally competent adults with a ‘terminal or life-shortening illness’ or a ‘progressive and terminal or...Read More »

Restoring Faith in Public Life Press release

The votes of faith communities could be decisive  The Catholic Union of Great Britain has said that the run-up to the Election provides “a time for reflection and careful consideration of how public policy issues… impact upon our common welfare and good.” In a leaflet called “Restoring Faith in Public Life”, which...Read More »

Robert Rigby selected as Conservative Candidate for Newry & Armagh, Northern Ireland

Robert Rigby, Chairman of the Catholic Union of Great Britain has been selected as the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for a seat in Northern Ireland, Newry & Armagh which is held by Sinn Fein. Robert a councillor in Westminster since 2010 is fighting his first General Election seat. The Conservative party are...Read More »

Extract from the Parliamentary record; EDUCATION REGULATIONS AND FAITH SCHOOLS

Extract from the Parliamentary record; EDUCATION REGULATIONS AND FAITH SCHOOLS SIR EDWARD LEIGH (GAINSBOROUGH) (CON): I beg to move, That this House believes that Ofsted should respect the ability of faith schools to teach their core beliefs in the context of respect and toleration for others. Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing the time of...Read More »


 MPs VOTE FOR ACTION ON SEX-SELECTIVE ABORTION On Tuesday 4th November 2014 MPs voted overwhelmingly in favour of a Bill seeking to clarify the law on sex-selective abortion. The Abortion (Sex-Selection) Ten Minute Rule Bill, was approved by 181 votes to 1. The Bill, promoted by MPs Fiona Bruce, Fiona MacTaggart, Kate...Read More »

Summary Proceedings of the Parliamentary and Public Affairs Committee June 2014

Announcements The Vice Chairman (standing in for the Chairman who was absent), asked whether the Committee’s discussions were effective outside its immediate environs. There has been an increase in coverage of the Catholic Union in the Catholic press, but none in the secular press. It was suggested that there should be...Read More »

Summary notes of the meeting of the Parliamentary & Public Affairs Committee 13th May 2014

Correspondence The Chairman had prepared a short summary of points from the last meeting for Archbishop Peter Smith, copied to his own Archbishop Bernard Longley, and also to the Cardinal via his sectary. There had been no acknowledgement, but he hoped to meet with Archbishop Longley and with the Cardinal’s secretary...Read More »

Summary proceedings of the Parliamentary & Public Affairs Committee 8th April 2014

Chairman’s Announcements The chairman welcomed a new member of the committee, Patricia Stoat as per last month’s announcement. Correspondence The chairman referred to a letter to the Daily Telegraph from Jim Dobbin, Sir Edward Leigh and others on the benefits of marriage to society.  He noted the government was, belatedly, introducing a modest...Read More »

Summary of the Parliamentary & Public Affairs Committe Meeting March 2014

Chairman’s Announcements The Chairman proposed Patricia Stoad as a member of the Committee which was unanimously accepted. Correspondence The chairman had received a letter from his MP about a possible replacement for the LCP. The Government will reconvene the Neuberger review to report next year. There should be international research into end of...Read More »

Summary of the Parliamentary & Public Affairs Committee Meeting - 11th February 2014

Chairman’s Announcements David O’Mahony, a CU Council Member, was elected a member of the Committee. Correspondence The chairman had written to Jane Spencer at the Department of Health about the dangers of mitochondrial donations and the lack of an ethical framework. He asked for details of the advice received by the government. He...Read More »

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