Editorial: While politicians talk, faith groups act

Catholic Union Head of Public Affairs, James Somerville-Meikle, writes:

At the time of writing, the last plane carrying British nationals and Afghans to the UK has almost certainly left the airport in Kabul. Yet while our military presence is coming to an end, our obligations to the people of Afghanistan – especially those who assisted the NATO mission – will last well into the future.

Cardinal Nichols spoke this week of our moral obligation to welcome Afghan refugees. “The response to refugees must be a welcome, and a welcome is not something a government alone can create, it’s up to everybody” he said.

Many Catholic churches and charities have already stepped up to help. As is so often the case in the face of social challenges, church networks are playing a vital role in getting support to those in need. While politicians talk, faith groups are taking action.

More information on how to support refugees can be found here.