Editorial: Catholics do politics

Catholic Union Head of Public Affairs, James Somerville-Meikle, writes:

The change of weather means autumn party conference season is upon us. Labour and the Liberal Democrats held their conferences last month, with Conservative conference starting this weekend.

While the prevailing narrative is that people of faith are being pushed ever further to the margins of their political parties, there is cause for optimism.

One of the most encouraging developments in politics in recent years has been the establishment of Catholic groups within our mainstream national parties.

Catholics for Labour started the trend, with Catholic Union Vice-President Mike Kane MP, being one of the founding members. At the start of this year, Catholics in the Conservative Party was launched, with Catholic Union President Sir Edward Leigh MP, being one of the group’s Parliamentary Patrons. There is also a group for Catholic Lib Dems.

The existence of these groups within their parties – acting as support networks and promoting the common good within their political traditions can only be a good thing.