Editorial: Faith in party conferences

Catholic Union Head of Public Affairs, James Somerville-Meikle, writes:

While much of the Conservative party conference was taken up with debates about what levelling up actually means – with an ever-increasing range of metaphors being used – there was space to discuss other topics as well.

I had the opportunity to ask Liz Truss a question at one fringe event about what she would be doing in her new role as Foreign Secretary to implement the recommendations of the Truro Report into Christian persecution.

Her response was that religious freedom was a “core freedom” and gave a commitment to discuss it with the Catholic Union – an offer we will certainly be taking her up on!

Elsewhere, a group of Catholics managed to track down the “Hidden Gem” of St Mary’s Church in Manchester for a discussion on the Church’s response to climate change with Bishop John Arnold.

It was a wonderful hour spent away from the hustle and noise of the main conference venues.

That still small voice of calm can still be found, even during party conference season.