Catholic Union questions the future Prime Minister

Ahead of its Summer Gathering, the Catholic Union, has written to Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss, the final Conservative Party leadership candidates.

The letter emphasises the importance of the 4.5 million Catholics in England, Scotland and Wales and poses some questions to the candidates which will help inform Catholics who have a vote in the contest.

Nigel Parker, Director of the Catholic Union, comments: Although Catholics think and vote differently, there are certain political beliefs we share – including a strong belief in the common good and in the freedom of thought, conscience, and religion. The leadership contest is likely to be a topic of conversation at our Summer Gathering at St Mary’s College, Oscott. The Catholic Union wants to work with the incoming Prime Minister to ensure that the interests and concerns of Catholics are properly understood.”

The letter poses the following questions:

  • The Catholic Union has campaigned to make the tax system fairer for families. Would you make reducing the tax burden on families a priority, including increasing the amount of personal allowance that can be transferred between couples?
  • We believe that law makers should seek to protect human life in all its forms – recognising the value of each person. Will you commit to upholding the dignity of life by resisting calls to introduce assisted dying legislation in this Parliament and by looking at practical measures to support pregnant women?
  • The Catholic Union welcomed the Government’s manifesto commitment to implement in full the recommendations of the Bishop of Truro’s report into the persecution of Christians. What practical measures will you take to ensure that championing freedom of religion or belief will be a greater priority for your Government?
  • The Catholic Church has a proud history of educating young people. Around 10 per cent of children in this country attend Catholic schools. Do you recognise the value of Catholic and other faith schools in our education system and commit to removing the faith cap on new free schools?
  • The Catholic Union has championed the importance of upholding fundamental human rights, including free speech and religious freedom. Will you ensure that expressing the teachings of the Catholic church never risks falling outside of the law in this country?

Read the letters below: