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A day is a long time in politics

Deputy Director of the Catholic Union, James Somerville-Meikle, writes:

It seems that a day is a long time in politics, never mind a week. When a friend messaged me on Wednesday morning to say he thought a General Election was going to be called, I found it hard to believe. Yet by teatime, the podium was in place and the Prime Minister announced the poll in the pouring rain. The week ahead will be a strange time in Westminster with the campaign having begun, but Parliament not being dissolved until Thursday. We await to see what decisions and legislation the Government can get out the door in the final week of this Parliament. But the centre of attention is now the election campaign, which will run until 4 July. As we reported last week, votes from Catholics will be important in shaping the next Parliament. In an election where more people than ever seem undecided how to vote, the Catholic Union will be working hard over the next few weeks to keep you informed about key developments and announcements. We will shortly be launching our election literature, which we hope will aid our members and supporters in their deliberations. Decision time will soon come around.