About Us

The Catholic Union was founded in 1870. It is a membership organisation dedicated to the defence of Catholic values in Parliament and public life, and the promotion of the common good.

We carry out this work by:

  1. Making representations to Parliament, to Government Departments or to other public authorities.
  2. Taking action through members of either or both Houses of Parliament, the Scottish Parliament, or the Welsh Assembly, to ensure that Catholic views on matters affecting Catholic principles or interests are known, understood and taken into account.
  3. Writing letters or making representations to the Press.
  4. Organising public or private meetings.
  5. Publishing information on Catholic matters.
  6. Co-operating with other societies or organisations in the defence of Catholic principles.

We take inspiration from the principles set out in Pope Benedict XVI’s Address in Westminster Hall in 2010 where he said that “Religion, in other words, is not a problem for legislators to solve, but a vital contribution to the national conversation”. To read the full quote, see below.

The Catholic Union is a lay organisation, however, it works with the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales (CBCEW) and the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Scotland (CBCS). It is a consultative body to the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales.

Membership of the Catholic Union is open to practising members of the Catholic laity in Great Britain and includes people from all parts of the country and all walks of life. It includes doctors, nurses, teachers, lawyers, and civil servants – we represent a wealth of lay Catholic experience and expertise.

The Catholic Union Charitable Trust is the Union’s charitable arm. It organises educational projects, lectures and discussions with prominent Catholics and others. 

Read more about our work and our history.

Pope Benedict quote