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There are at present members throughout England, Scotland and Wales, including experts in many disciplines who enable the Union to be increasingly relevant and effective in promoting the Catholic viewpoint.

We are seeking new members from every parish in England and Wales and in Scotland.

We are also seeking to raise funds to pay for full-time members of staff by offering a new category of membership, known as The St Thomas More CircleRead More »

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Our members are regularly informed of the Union’s activities. An annual Summer Gathering is held at places of historical interest to Catholics and which affords an opportunity for members to meet each other socially. The AGM is held in London in November. There are lectures and conferences which debate issues of current concern.

If our Catholic values are not to be allowed to disappear by default it is essential to ensure that our views continue to be heard by those in Government.

A strong membership provides our spokesmen with credibility when they speak as representatives of an informed and influential Catholic laity. It is only with prayer and the moral and financial support of our members that the Catholic Union can provide the effective research and administration to meet this urgent need.

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Membership of the Union shall be by application and shall be open to practising members of the Catholic laity, aged 18 or older, in England, Scotland and Wales domiciled in Great Britain. Joint membership is available for married couples living at the same address.

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Individual ANNUAL £30

Joint ANNUAL £40

Individual LIFE £300

Joint LIFE £400

Student/Under 25s are free!