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Difficult decisions ahead

Catholic Union Deputy Director, James Somerville-Meikle, writes:

Despite the best efforts of Storm Debi to disrupt our plans, the Catholic Union travelled to Leeds on Monday to address a plenary meeting of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales.

We had been asked to share some thoughts on the political challenges and opportunities ahead of the next General Election. On the way to Hinsley Hall, our taxi driver from the station kindly shared his views with us.

He was not a fan of Sir Keir Starmer because of his stance on the conflict between Israel and Gaza. It turns out 56 Labour MPs agreed by backing a motion calling for an immediate ceasefire. His wife apparently did not like Suella Braverman, the former Home Secretary, who was replaced by James Cleverly as part of a major reshuffle of ministers.

It begged the question as to who this man might vote for at the next election. I wasn’t brave enough to ask, but it is a question that all of us will have to start thinking seriously about soon.

The Catholic Union will be working hard to keep people informed as the next election comes into view. A political storm feels like it is just around the corner.