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Narrow perspectives harm us all

Catholic Union Deputy Director, James Somerville-Meikle, writes:

Amongst the swearing and finger pointing at the Covid Inquiry this week, there were some more helpful insights. When former Deputy Cabinet Secretary, Helen MacNamara, spoke about the “narrow perspective” of decision makers during the pandemic, she expressed something that many people have felt.

She said that not enough thought had been given to victims of domestic abuse, parents with children at state schools, and people from ethnic minorities when guidance was being produced. To that list could also be added people of faith.

While the closure of places of worship did not come up during the evidence session, many of the concerns about the narrowness of decision making highlighted by Ms MacNamara also ring true for faith groups.

At one point during the pandemic, it was possible to visit a garden centre or car show room, but not go to Mass. Situations like this did nothing to convince people that the Government really understood the needs and interests of people of faith.

It is vital that these concerns are addressed, which is why the Catholic Union is running a survey to inform our evidence to the Inquiry. Join over 650 people who have already taken part and have your say today.