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Catholic Union President encourages “art of the possible”

Catholic Union President, Baroness Hollins, said that politics and political engagement should be about the “art of the possible”.

Speaking in a webinar with Catholic Union members and supporters, Baroness Hollins said that “as lay people, we have a contribution to make. Not just to say that things are right or wrong but to listen, encourage, influence and support”.

She encouraged engagement with as broad a range of parliamentarians as possible on matters that the Church cares about, and said we needed to “learn to listen” to people with different views and experiences.

Reflecting on her experience as a Crossbench peer, Baroness Hollins said: “It can feel quite lonely as a Catholic parliamentarian. It is good to know that the Catholic Union is here and supportive”.

She praised the work of the Catholic Union, especially the “brilliant” Weekly Briefing produced every Saturday, saying that “accurate information really matters”.

Baroness Hollins also encouraged the Catholic Union to continue its mission to engage more people in its work. “We need a bigger membership and a younger membership…invite your friends” she said.

Baroness Hollins took over as President of the Catholic Union from Sir Edward Leigh MP in November 2022.

A recording of the webinar hosted on 8 February can be found on the Catholic Union’s YouTube channel.