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Catholics urged to have their say on election

The Catholic Union is urging Catholics across the country to have their say on what matters most to them ahead of the next General Election.

With an election expected later this year, the Catholic Union has launched a new survey to test the temperature of Catholic views and attitudes towards politics.

The survey is seeking people’s views on the policy areas where Catholic voices are most needed. It also explores the extent to which Catholics are engaged in politics and how they plan on participating in the election.

The results will inform the Catholic Union’s interventions in the election campaign, including the publication of a “Catholic Manifesto” which will be sent out to candidates ahead of polling day.

A date for the General Election has not yet been confirmed. Last month, the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, said that his “working assumption” was that the election would take place in “the second half of this year”.

Catholic Union Vice President and Labour MP, Mike Kane, encouraged people to take part in this “really important election” and make their voices heard.

The Catholic Union’s President and Vice Presidents are drawn from across the political spectrum. Last year, Crossbench peer Baroness Hollins took over as President from Conservative MP, Sir Edward Leigh.

The survey can be found on the Catholic Union’s website.

Mike Kane MP, Vice President of the Catholic Union, comments: “This is a really important election. I strongly encourage Catholics in this country, and everybody, to get involved and make your voice heard. Whatever your views, please make sure that you vote. Taking part in free and fair elections is a great gift and we should not take it for granted.”

Nigel Parker, Catholic Union Director, comments: “There are so many areas in society where a Catholic voice is needed, both now and in the next Parliament. We want to make sure that our work is focused on those areas which lay Catholics care most about and where we can have the greatest impact. Taking part in this survey is an important first step in this election year.”

Nigel continues: “A General Election year is a particularly important moment in our mission to contribute a Catholic viewpoint to public life. The work we do relies entirely on the generosity of our members and supporters. Please consider donating to the Catholic Union today to support our work during this election campaign and beyond.”