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Light not heat

James Somerville-Meikle, Deputy Director of the Catholic Union, writes:

This week both Labour and the Conservatives doubled down on their attacks on each other. Ahead of the General Election later this year, the heat is definitely increasing in Westminster.

In the Catholic Union’s latest webinar this week, our President, Baroness Hollins, reminded us that politics is about “the art of the possible.” This inevitably involves listening and seeing the other person’s point of view, something that is increasingly rare in politics, at least in the House of Commons.

At the Catholic Union this week, we have launched a General Election survey to hear what matters most to you. It’s important that our interventions during the election are helpful and meaningful, and genuinely reflective of what Catholics in this country care about.

It can be tempting in debates, certainly at election time, to add more fuel to the fire. As Catholics, we have a particular responsibility to make sure that we are adding light rather than heat to the public discussion.

Our survey results will help us to make reasoned and well-informed contributions during this election year. Please take part and let your light shine.