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Faith and reason on gender identity

Catholic Union Deputy Director, James Somerville-Meikle, writes:

The concept of human dignity is central to how we give expression to our faith, both in our lives and in our community and national life. This was reaffirmed this week with a new document from the Vatican.

Dignitas Infinita speaks about the “inalienable” dignity each one of us possesses on account of being created in the imagine and likeness of God. It is precisely because of this dignity that any changes which affect mind, body or soul of the human person need to be taken with love and care.

This includes changing a person’s gender, where the Church has said there should be a presumption against sex change procedures.

It is not only the Church raising concerns about gender ideology. This week also saw the publication of the Cass Review into gender identity services, which found that the evidence for allowing children to change their gender is based on “shaky foundations.”

It is perhaps not surprising that the Government’s new LGBT Conversation Therapy Bill has now reportedly been shelved in the wake of these findings.

Pope Saint John Paul II famously described faith and reason as “the two wings of the human spirit”. It seems that both wings are beginning to move in the same direction on this issue.