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Catholic Union welcomes student leaders to Parliament

Catholic Union President, Baroness Hollins, welcomed a group of student leaders from across the country to Parliament earlier this month.

Baroness Hollins, who became President of the Catholic Union last year, invited representatives from university Catholic societies to meet her and other Catholic parliamentarians on Wednesday 1 May.

Around 20 student leaders took part in the meeting, which was organised in partnership between the Catholic Union and Catholic Student Network.

Catholic societies or “CathSocs” from across the country were invited to take part. Students from Aberystwyth, Bristol, Cambridge, Central Lancashire, Lincoln, Middlesex, Sheffield, and Southampton travelled to London for the event.

The group had a roundtable meeting with Baroness Hollins in one of the Committee Rooms in Parliament. Former Catholic Union Presidents, Sir Edward Leigh MP and Lord Brennan, also attended the meeting, along with Catholic Union Vice President, Mike Kane MP.

The group was also given a tour of the House of Commons by Mike Kane MP and prayed at the spot in Westminster Hall where St Thomas More was put on trial in 1535.

This was the first event of its kind, but the Catholic Union hopes it will become an annual event to “inspire and engage” Catholic leaders of the future.

Catholic Union Deputy Director, James Somerville-Meikle, comments: “One of the most important parts of the Catholic Union’s work is supporting lay Catholic leaders. Whether it’s in politics and public life, medicine, law and justice, or the arts and teaching, the need for Catholics to be present and bear witness to our faith is so important. It was a pleasure to work with the Catholic Student Network to welcome student Catholic leaders to Parliament this month. I hope the event will become the first of many as we seek to inspire and engage young people to play an active role in the life of the Church and society. Pope Francis reminded us at World Youth Day last year that everyone has a place in the Church. We all have a role to play to make this possible.”