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Submission to Parliament on Abortion in Northern Ireland

This submission to Parliament’s Women and Equalities Committee opposing the Westminster Parliament legislating on abortion for Northern Ireland was made on 8 December 2018 but was not published at that time due to the rules of the Committee.  The Committee’s Report has now issued and is on Parliament’s website (www.parliament.uk).  The Report contains within it […]

Chairman’s New Year Message 2015

2014 has been another year of significant note for Catholics. In March the legislation Marriage – Same Sex Couples – Act which was passed by Parliament in July 2013 came into force allowing anyone who is registered in a civil partnership to have the ability to convert this partnership into a marriage. As of December […]

Alert on Abortion from Lord Alton

Abortion news in the Daily Mail 2nd June 2014 Lord Alton Vice-President of the Catholic Union has requested that the article published in the Daily Mail by Dominic Lawson be drawn to the attention of members and others. See link below: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2645632/Why-daughters-birthday-shames-think-people-Downs-not-fit-live.html In addition, the Daily Mail carries an article describing how the abortion laws […]

Summary proceedings of the Parliamentary & Public Affairs Committee 8th April 2014

Chairman’s Announcements The chairman welcomed a new member of the committee, Patricia Stoat as per last month’s announcement. Correspondence The chairman referred to a letter to the Daily Telegraph from Jim Dobbin, Sir Edward Leigh and others on the benefits of marriage to society.  He noted the government was, belatedly, introducing a modest transferable tax […]

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