Editorial: A busy week in Parliament

Westminster Bridge

It’s shaping up to be a busy week in Parliament this week – and not just for the Government Whips’ Office.

On Tuesday, the National Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast returns to Westminster. It will be the first time that the event has taken place in person for three years, but it will also be live streamed to give people across the country the opportunity to take part. You can sign up to watch it here.

Tuesday also sees the start of a major international conference on freedom of religion or belief. The Catholic Union will be attending the two-day conference in London along with charities, politicians, and academics from around the world.

While on Wednesday, Cardinal Nichols is due to visit Parliament and celebrate Mass in St Mary Undercroft.

Our news sadly continues to be dominated about negative stories from politics, but beneath the surface there is a lot of good work that goes on by a great number of people. It’s a huge privilege to be a small part of that.